Friday, April 3, 2009

DJ Premier Considers Albums With KRS-One & MC Eiht

“I’m thinking about doing a project with MC Eiht [of] Compton’s Most Wanted,” DJ Premier explained to Conspiracy Radio. “We talked about doing an album on my label, and also me and KRS-One talked about doing not Return Of The Boom Bap; we’re gonna do Return Of The Boom Bips. So right now that’s still a go.

An all KRS, Premier album would be great.” Besides a "Criminal Minded" update in recent years, the two are best known for their work together between 1993 and 1995, on the self-titled and Return Of The Boom Bap albums. Compton's Most Wanted used Premier to remix their 1992 song "Def Wish II," a song originally have appeared on Music To Driveby.

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