Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Video of The Year: Kanye West-Flashing Lights

Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Series: Teddy Riley-History of New Jack Swing Pt. 4

Bobby Brown-Getaway

Blackstreet- No Diggity

Although Teddy Riley has been quiet for most the 00 decade, he popped back into the music this past year co-producing Snoop Dogg's latest with DJ Quik

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Series: Teddy Riley-History of New Jack Swing Pt. 3


Kool Moe Dee-I Go To Work

Jane Child-"Don't Wanna Fall In Love (New Jack Swing Club)"

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saul Williams on Marrying Persia White & His Favorite Hip Hop Moment

Over the weekend, I came across an old episode of Girlfriends featuring a skinnier Common (who was going through his Electric Circus/Erykah Badu phase) and poet Saul Williams.

The epsiode was interesting because that was the first time Williams met his future wife, Girlfriends cast member Persia White (Lynn).

In an August inverview on, Saul Williams talked about his courtship with Persia White:

"It actually took some time. The way we actually connected was we found out that we lived around the corner from each other and that we both had daughters who were close in age.

At the time we were both in relationships but we knew we had a lot in common – music and art and what have you. So we would hang out, drink tea, and let our daughters play.

Our daughters really started conspiring to get us together. But we were both in relationships, so neither of us were really thinking like that. And years passed and we remained friends and our daughters remained friends. And eventually we reconnected at a time when neither of us were in a relationship and saw each other in a completely new light. And that was not too long ago."

Another interesting passage of the interview was Saul Williams' favorite Hip Hop moment:

"There was this one time I was at Howard University’s homecoming in DC and Tribe Called Quest performed and Grand Nubian and De La and all these cats, but Tribe was headlining. And when “Check The Rhime” was on and everybody started jumping with the 808, I was up in the front.
I swear to this day I saw a tear come to Q-Tip’s eye as he was watching the crowd jump to his music. And it had never quite struck me, what it would feel like to have people feeling you in that way."

--Kevin Lockett (
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Holiday Series: Teddy Riley-History of New Jack Swing Pt. 2

Guy-Groove Me

Heavy D- We Got Our Own Thang

Big Daddy Kane-I Get The Job Done

Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Series: Teddy Riley-History of New Jack Swing Pt. 1

Hope you enjoyed the holiday. As a way to educate you on the history of Hip Hop, today begins a three day series of The History of New Jack told by Teddy Riley.

New Jack Swing was a phenomenon of the last 80's, which perfectly melded R&B and Hip Hop.

Although producers like Full Force were melding Hip and Hop and R&B in the mid 80's (UTFO, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam), Teddy Riley's hypnotic production, along with the emergence of Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat, A. B. Sure and Riley's group Guy, would create a blueprint of R&B and Hip Hop that eventually lead to the careers of Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Usher and newcomer Chris Brown as well as producers Diddy, Devante Swing (Jodeci) and Virgina natives Timbaland and The Neptunes who learned from Riley,(Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes were invovled with Wreckx N Effect's "Rump Shaker" back in the day.

Teddy Riley's First Hit "The Show" By 1st Annual Hip Hop Showcase headliners Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh

The song that officialy kicked off the New Jack Swing era, Keith Sweat's "I Want Her" produced by Teddy Riley.

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The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough (12")

A1. It's Funky Enough (LP Version)A2. It's Funky Enough (Instrumental)A3. It's Funky Enough (A cappella)B1. No One Can Do It Better (LP Version)B2. No One Can Do It Better (Instrumental)B3. No One Can Do It Better (A cappella)
Download Link :

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Common Pop Locking w/ Kerry Washington

If I had a chance to trade places with someone right now it would be Common.

He's a succesful rapper, starred in films with Denzil Washington (American Gangster) and Christain Bale (Terminator), he used to date Erykah Badu, now he's "hanging out" with Kerry Washington!

It is a wonderful life indeed.

--Kevin Lockett

Original Samples: Masta Ace-Take A Look Around

Vistit the new blog:

Courtesy of Kevinnottingham

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photo of AThe Year: Referees Gone Wild

NFL umpire Frank Drebin Garth DeFelice takes out Rams running back Kenneth Darby.

Here's the video

Ohio Old School Flava: MC Chill

Before Bone Thugs, Kid Cudi, Ray Cash and if you want to go even deeper, MC Brains?!? MC Chill was thee heralded Hip Hopper from Cleveland, Ohio

"Down Beats "still remains a Hip Hop classic in Ohio and while MC Chill doesn't rhyme anymore, he still respected amongst his New York peers as a Midwest Hip Hop pioneer. ---Kaz

A1-Downbeats (Beat Them Down)
B1-Downbeats (Beat Them Down) (Bonus Beats)
Mc Chill - Mc Story (1986)A1-MC Story B1-MC Story (Dub Version)B2-MC Story (Bonus Beats)

Mc Chill - Mc Chill (1986) Album

A1-MC StoryA2-DownbeatsA3-Chill-drens RhymesB1-Open Your EyesB2-JealousyB3-The Prophecy Part 1 (In The Beginning)B4-Bust This Rhyme


BUST THIS RHYME-M.C. CHILL (Co-Produced by M² (Marley Marl
{FEVER Records 1985}

Monday, December 22, 2008

Respect The DJ: Diamond D - Non-Album Tracks

Diamond D - Non-Album Tracks Volume 11. Lakim Shabazz & Diamond D - I Can't Take It No More2. Diamond D - Best Kept Secret (Extended)3. Diamond D - Best Kept Secret (45 King Remix)4. Diamond D - Sally Got A One Track Mind (Showbiz Remix)5. Diamond D - Sally Got A One Track Mind (Two Track Beatdown)6. Diamond D - I'm Outta Here (Slight Remix)7. DITC - Diggin' In The Crates8. Showbiz, AG & Diamond D - Still Diggin'9. ATCQ, Brand Nubian & Diamond D - Show Business10. Brand Nubian & Diamond D - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix)11. Diamond D, Sadat X & Lord Finesse - You Can't Front12. Grand Puba, Sadat X & Diamond D - I Flip Styles13. Showbiz, AG & Diamond D - You Want It14. Diamond D - With The Dope Sound15. Yaggfu Front & Diamond D - Slappin' Suckas Silly (Remix)16. Fat Joe, Grand Puba & Diamond D - Watch The Sound17. Fat Joe, Grand Puba & Diamond D - Watch The Sound (Remix)

Diamond D - Non-Album Tracks Volume 21. Alkaholiks & Diamond D - The Next Level2. Alkaholiks & Diamond D - The Next Level (Remix)3. House Of Pain & Diamond D - Word Is Bond4. House Of Pain & Diamond D - Word Is Bond (Remix)5. Illegal & Diamond D - Crumbsnatcher6. Criminal Scientifik & Diamond D - I Got Planz7. A.D.O.R. & Diamond D - Keep It Real8. Lord Finesse, AG & Diamond D - Speak Ya Peace9. Lord Finesse & Diamond D - Do Your Thing Kid10. Big Red & Diamond D - How They Want It11. Diamond D - Hiatus (Remix)12. Diamond D - MC213. DITC - Day One14. DITC - Day One (Remix)15. Diamond D & Sadat X - Feel It

Thanks 2 T.R.O.Y Blog

Russell Simmons' Visa RushCard Hits $2 Billion Mark

(Hip Hop DX) Hip Hop mogul-turned-philanthropist, Russel Simmons’ latest endeavor, the debt-reducing Visa RushCard, recently hit the two billion dollar deposit mark in a time when more Americans than ever can use the extra help. Simmons’ RushCard is a prepaid Visa Card, similar to a debit card that allows people with bad credit to have the same opportunities while building up good credit.

"I'm personally very happy that RushCard is benefiting and empowering people exactly as it was intended," said Simmons.

The card allows members to track their transactions online while including debt reducing strategies and restriction to prevent over drafting or over use.

"In America today, no one should be left out or kept out of having access to the American Dream and financial services which a bank account or credit card provides to others. The fact that we have already helped our members manage $2 billion in transactions proves that RushCard is instrumental in providing access to those services that hundreds of thousands of people may not otherwise have.”

With the success of the card only five years after it was introduced, Simmons has added new features to the program to increase the chances of success. The online Spend Tracker and the RushPATH to Credit are new programs that make it possible for users to report their regular payment history to participating consumer credit reporting agencies while still easily tracking expenses.

Simmons expressed hope for the future saying, "As we celebrate this major accomplishment, we look forward to the day all Americans have the financial access and dignity they deserve.”

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big Daddy Kane 20th Anniversary

Big Daddy Kane, Craig G, Masta Ace - The Symphony Live

Big Daddy Kane 20th Aniversary! Pt. 9 Ain't No Half Steppin'

Big Daddy Kane 20th Aniversary! Pt. 6 Smooth Operator!

TMR TV - Episode 20 - Big Daddy Kane 20th year Anniversary

Raw (Finale) @ BB King's NYC

Respect The DJ: Large Pro - Main Source

1. The Entrance 2:152. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing 2:573. Maica Living (feat. Killah Sha And Guardian Leep)3:474. Pump Ya Fist (feat. Mikey D Lotto) 3:135. Party Time 2:446. In The Ghetto 2:497. Hardcore Hip-Hop 3:188. Frantic Barz 3:029. Swein' Love 2:5810. Ru Dope (feat. Jeru The Damaja) 1:0111. Dap (feat. Lil Dap) 0:4112. Noyd (feat. Big Noyd) 0:4713. Classic Emergency 2:3114. Rockin' Hip-Hop 3:2215. Large Pro Says 2:0216. To The Meadows 1:4617. The Hardest (feat. Styles P And AZ) 4:42

Big Daddy Kane: Nobody's Equal

Here's an excerpt of an interview Big Daddy Kane did with Hip Hop DX during his 20th anniversary in Hip Hop blitz:

DX: Now there was another silent competition between you and another remarkably skilled spitter back then. What was your reaction when you first heard “Word to daddy, indeed” on Eric B & Rakim’s “Follow The Leader”?
Big Daddy Kane: Oh, I thought he was talking about me. Growing up and like getting into Hip Hop, I always been a battle rapper. Throughout all my school days, that’s what I did, go up to other schools and battle rappers, go to other projects, park jams, whatever, and battle other rappers. So that’s always been my mentality. And even though I had done met dude, and we was cool – me and Eric B was real tight – when I heard that [line] I didn’t look at in a way of like, “Oh fuck that dude,” or like, “I’ma steal this muthafucka when I see him.” But you know, Ra [is] a little dude anyway. But it wasn’t nothing like that, it was just the type of thing where I’m like, “Oh okay, cool, well, now we gonna let the people see then.”

Respect The DJ: Clark Interview

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Introducing.... Rapsody (Prouduced by 9th Wonder)

Here's three new songs by Rapsody a female MC (from Kooley High) who is signed to 9th Wonder's Label - It's a Wonderful World.

+9th's Dream Merchant 2 feat Rapsody

"The Flow" - Rapsody Produced by 9th Wonder

"How to Make a Hit" - Rapsody with M1 Platoon (label mates) Produced by
9th Wonder

Mick Boogie presents... Adele: 1988

Mick Boogie and his continue to change the mixtape game. First was his Coldplay and Jay-Z mashup, now Mick Boogie takes on British soul singer Adele, who achieved acclaim this year with her hit song "Chasing Pavements". Download: Mick Boogie & Adele - 1988
1. Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense) 2. Day Dreams (nVMe Remix) 3. Tired (6th Sense Remix) 4. First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge) 5. My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix) 6. Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh) 7. Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix) 8. Right As Rain (nVMe Remix) 9. Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)

Respect The DJ: The Large Professor

Large Pro - Hot: Sizzlin', Scorchin', Torchin', Blazin'

Large Professor - Main Source Interview (Gold Dust)

Main Source - Just Hangin' Out

Large Prefessor Freestyle 101 (2008)

main source - looking at the front door

Friday, December 19, 2008

Legend, DJ Nice & DJ Green Lantern - Back 2 The Basics 2 (The Resurrection Discs 1 & 2)

01. Emilio Rojas - Back 2 The Basics 2 (Intro) 02. Royce Da 5′9″ - Part Of Me (Produced by Carlos Broady) 03. Grafh - In Love With The Dealer 04. Johnny Polygon - I Been Runnin 05. Wale - Pot Of Gold (feat. Daniel Merriweather) (Produced by Mark Ronson) 06. B.o.B - We Drank (feat. Playboy Tre) 07. Ced Hughes - DragonBlood 08. BK Cyph - Rap 101 09. Cambatta - Voice Of God Freestyle (Produced by Scram Jones) 10. Styles P - Ride or Die (feat. Snyp Life & Bully) 11. Red Cafe - There He Go (feat. Fabolous & Paul Cain) 12. Don Cerino - Missing Element (feat. Royce Da 5′9″) 13. Hell Rell - I�m So Special 14. La The Darkman - Quiet Storm Freestyle (feat. Willie The Kid) 15. Kool G Rap - Thugs Love Story (Chapter IV) 16. Fortlive - The Come Up (Produced by Illmind) 17. Rain - Director�s Chair (Produced by RocWilder) 18. Big K.R.I.T. - Playaz Circle Freestyle 19. ESSO - New Day (Produced by Black Friday) 20. Donny Goines - The Look (Produced by Dame Grease) 21. ATM (Smoke DZA, Numbers & Cory Gunz) - Time Machine 1.0 (Produced by The Heatmakerz) 22. 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) - Thugathon (feat. Lil Fame) 23. Almost September - 16, 17, 18 (feat. KRS-One & Al Be Back) (Produced by Jared Gosselin) 24. Blu & Sene - Mars 25. Rick Ross - Can It Be Freestyle

01. Ced Hughes & Emilio Rojas- Kick In The Door (Produced by The Kickdrums) 02. Raekwon & Special Ed - Hood Story (Produced by Huu Banga) 03. Curren$y - Got It (Produced by Monsta Beatz) 04. KiD CuDi - Can I Be 05. Nipsey Hu$$le - HoodStar 06. GoDChilD - Toast 2 Life (Produced by Black Friday) 07. Sha Stimuli - Next Up (Produced by J.Cardim) 08. The Kid Daytona - Lately (Produced by Ill Bomb) 09. Theo - Roberta Flack Revisit (feat. Dolly) (Produced by Flying Lotus) 10. Killer Mike - Grinding 11. Nino Bless - Murdera 12. Kardinal Offishall - Set It Off (Remix) (feat. Dr. Dre & The Clipse) (Produced by Boi-1da) 13. Novel - Noise (Produced by Breeze The Beatmachine) 14. Chip The Ripper - Moses Freestyle 15. D-Black - Hold Up (Gangsta Shit) (Produced by Illmind) 16. Fashawn - Freedom (Produced by Exile) 17. Joell Ortiz - Say No 18. Mickey Factz - OnSMASH (feat. CurT@!N$) 19. The Insomniaks - Crashin Whips 20. Mikkey Halsted - Karma (Produced by No I.D.) 21. Skyzoo - Catch Up (Produced by Ski) 22. Billy Danze - Undescribable (feat. Busta Rhymes) 23. Wafleek - The Hollows 24. Harlem�s Cash - Modern Day Malcolm (feat. Santogold) (The Government Remix) 25. A.Pinks - In My Own World (Bonus)

Respect The DJ: Just Blaze-How To Chop Samples

Just Blaze: chopping samples in Logic from Mike Chav on Vimeo.

Respect The DJ-Diamond D-Interview

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dr. Cornel West presents Big Boi with 2008 Renaissance Award

Dr. Cornel West presents Big Boi with the National Black Arts Festival 2008 Renaissance Award in Atlanta.

Recent Flava: Jean Grae & 9th Wonder

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - This World

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder - Jeanius (Album)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WE DID IT! Backspin Returns on Sirius XM!

After months of calling, emailing, petitioning, blogging and Facebooking (is that a word??) Sirius XM had decided to bring our old school Hip Hop channel Backspin on Thursday January 15, 2009 along with The Strobe for our disco brothers and sisters.

I have to admit, I was getting discouraged because with the emails and calls, it didn't seem like Sirius xm cared at all about old school Hip Hop, but you guys did it.

Below is the link to official press release from Sirius XM about Backspin's comeback, where Scott Greenstein, Presidentand Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio said
“Bringing back The Strobe and Backspin, and adding The Beat Morning Show, is part of our commitment to respond to our subscribers’overwhelming passion for our service. “We are fortunate to havean enthusiastic audience that embraces satellite radio with unprecedented fervor".

This is bascially code for, I got tired of y'all emailing and calling me, so here's your channels back!

But in true militant fashion, I will keep my guard up until I hear Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte and Kool G Rap blast through my speakers on January 15th , but it looks good people.

I want to take a minute to thank everyone who either help me as well as joined the movement on Facebook, signed the petition and made phone calls as well as videos (thanks Youtube Lady).

This does prove that if you are organized and passionate, a small group can move mountains. OK, that was a litle corny, but hey it worked.

Thanks for your support and help!

Kevin Lockett
Backspin is Back

Sirius XM Press Release on Backspin's Return
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Introducing......The Knux

(Billboard) Comprised of brothers Krispy Kream and Rah Al Millio, the Knux are a clever alternative rap duo who are musicians as well as singer/rappers. Born in New Orleans yet displaced by Hurricane Katrina, the musically schooled brothers began creating a stir nationally in late 2007 when they were the opening act for Common on his Finding Forever tour.

The Knux-Life In A Cage

The Knux-Cappuccino

The Knux Bang Bang

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rosenberg Pocketumentary: A DJ Premier Tribute

Kid Cudi - Day And Night Remixes

Go to:

R&B Flava: Soulful House Edition

For my friends out there who are into soulful house music, here are a couple of mixed from the by the excellent Soulrific Podcast Show, which features classic and neo soul, latin and jazz music, enjoy!

1. Free Yourself (Osunlade’s Yoruba Soul Rub) - Fantasia 2. Whatever (Shelter Night Mix) - Jill Scott 3. Dauntless (Restless Soul Nebula Mix) - 4 Hero 4. Closer (DJ Spinna Remix) - Goapele 5. Emotional Rollercoaster (Osunlade Remix) - Vivan Green 6. My Joy (Quentin Harris Vocal Mix) - Leela James 7. Something In The Past (Quentin Harris Remix) - Jesse Powell 8. Ordinary People (Maurice Joshua Remix) - John Legend 9. Rock With You (Osunlade Mix) - DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Eric Roberson 10. Can’t Stop - (Dennis Ferrer Mix) - Reel People ft. Angela Johnson 11. You Give Me Something (Full Intention Club Mix) - Jamiroquai12. Little Things (Quentin Harris Remix) - India Arie

1. Days Like This (DJ Spinna & Ticklah Mix) - Shaun Escoffery 2. Born Again (Boddhi Satva & Mr. V Retouch Remix) - V 3. What Am I Gonna Do (DJ Spinna Mix) - Jimmy Sommers ft. Rahsaan Patterson 4. That Night (Wahoo Mix) - Jazzanova ft. Vikter Duplaix 5. Hold It Down (Osunlade’s Deep Down Remix) - 4 Hero ft. Lady Alma 6. Bag Lady (Miguel Migs Remix) - Erykah Badu7. Pure (Mig’s Petalpusher Vocal) - Blue Six 8. Cloud 9 (Quentin Harris Shelter Mix ) - Donnie9. For Real (Soulful House Remix) - Amel Larrieux10. Tears Dry On Their Own (Alix Alvarez Remix) - Amy Winehouse 11. Eye To Eye (Kenny Dope Remix) - Amp Fiddler 12. Whoopsie Daisy (Fanatix Soul Heaven Club Mix) - Terri Walker

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kanye West on Saturday Night Live

Kanye West Performs Love Lockdown (Live On SNL)

Kanye West Performs Heartless / Pinocchio Story (Live On SNL)

Iraqi Journalist Throws two Shoes At President Bush!

This is crazy! An Iraqi Journalist Throws two Shoes At President Bush. But I have to give W credit, his pretty nimble on his feet.

Tonight Show Flava: Wills Smith & Diddy

Last week, Jay Leno was in a hip hop state of mind as Will Smith came by to promote "Seven Pounds" and a few days later Sean Combs popped by to promote his new cologne. Smith was his usualy vibrant self while Puffy was well Puffy, but its also good to see the lovley Kate Beckinsale who stayed on the couch during Puff's interview.

Will Smith with Jay Leno

P. Diddy With Jay Leno

Kev Brown - I Do What I Do Instrumentals

Kev Brown - I Do What I Do -Instrumentals

"Those who liked Kev Brown's "Brown Album" will love this as well. For those who never heard Kev's production I would say it can be described as one part J Dilla, one part Pete Rock and a little jazz throne together is what his music sounds like. Fans of the The Roots should love his work". (Domeshots and Fat Laces)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Man Takes A Beating For Wearning An Obama Shirt In Louisiana!

KSLA reports" A 32-year-old Shreveport man is now recovering at home after he says he was badly beaten at a west Shreveport gas station for wearing a Barack Obama t-shirt.” “Kaylon Johnson says he now has a broken nose and eye socket after the brutal attack that he says was racially motivated and brought on by the t-shirt. "They were screaming f*** Obama, f***. Obama something about a n**** president, basically you know I was hit.

Friday, December 12, 2008

D-Nice Presents True Hip-Hop Stories: Masta Ace - Composing The Symphony

Masta Ace Talks With D-Nice Discussing His Role In Creating The Classic Juice Crew Recording "The Symphony".

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Common: Live in L.A. & Interview with Clinton Sparks

Living The Life: Live With Common in L.A.

Clinton Sparks Interviews Common

Flashback: COMMON, Q-Tip & KRS1 On Stage w/ Freestyle Session (2007)

Buckshot Week: 9th Wonder And Buckshot - The Formula

9th Wonder And Buckshot - The Formula

01. Intro (The Formula) (feat. The Formula Crew) 03:5702. Ready (Brand New Day) 03:5203. Be Cool (feat. Swan) 03:0804. Go All Out (No Doubt!!!) (feat. Carlitta Durand) 03:3905. No Future 03:0406. Hold It Down (feat. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods) 04:3007. Whassup With U? (feat. Keisha Shontelle) 04:5008. One For You (Big Lou) 02:4709. Just Display 02:5310. Here We Go 04:5111. Throwin' Shade 03:2412. Shinin' Yall (feat. Arafat Yates & Big Chops) 03:3313. Man Listen (Cause Ummm) (feat. Carlitta Durand) 03:11

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ryan Leslie - How It Was Supposed To Be

Ryan Leslie feat. Jadakiss - How It Was Supposed

Thanks 2 for the heads up!

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Jimmy Fallon confirms The Roots as his house band

Over the past few days, media outlets has been covering Jay Leno's move from The Tonight Show to his future weeknight gig at 10pm.

What was lost in the shuffle was that Jimmy Fallon, who will be taking over Conan O'Brien's slot at 12:30am (O'Brien will be taking the Tonight Show on Monday June 1, 2009 ) will feature The Roots as his house band.

Although this is an excellent choice by Fallon, It will be interesting to see how long The Roots will last as a "house band."

Will they enjoy the simplicity of a receiving a great check and staying home like Bruce Springsteen's drummer Max Weinberg who has done for en plus years leading Conan O'Brien's house band or will they miss the spontaneity of playing on the road and jump ship like Bradford Marsalis , who left Jay Leno after a few years? Stayed tuned.

(For Jimmy Fallon's confirmation of The Roots becoming his house band, go here.)

--Kevin Lockett

?uestlove Breaksdown Hottest MC's For 2009


Who are MTV's Hottest MC's for 2009?

Common- Can I borrow 99 cents- Mixtape
3.They Say Interlude
4.The Gladiator
5.Soul By The Pound
7.Universal Mind Control
8.Renegades of Funk Blend
9.What A World Snippet
10.Get Em High
11.Throw Ya Hands Up Break
12.The Game
13.The Corner Remix
14.Punch Drunk Love
16.Open Your Eyes
17.The Light
18.Inhale Snippet

Thanks To The Urban Lowdown

Buckshot Week: Buckshot/Q Tip Show Down Freestyle 1998

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Flava: Famous - Ain't No Use

Famous - Ain't No Use

Breaking News: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested for Trying to Sell Obama's Senate Seat

(Chicago Tribune) U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald said today that federal authorities arrested Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich this morning because the governor went on "a political corruption crime spree" that needed to be stopped.

Fitzgerald said secret tape recordings showed Blagojevich was attempting "to sell the U.S. Senate seat" that President-elect Barack Obama recently vacated. Fitzgerald said, "We make no allegations" that Obama was aware of any alleged scheming by Blagojevich.

The governor has the sole power to pick Obama's replacement under the state constitution.

"The conduct would make Lincoln roll over in his grave," Fitzgerald said, quoting Blagojevich as saying the Senate seat is "a bleeping valuable thing. You just don't give it away. ... I've got this thing and it's bleeping golden."

Fitzgerald called the corruption charges against Blagojevich "a truly new low."

Buckshot Week: Marco Polo - Go Around (Ft. Buckshot)

Marco Polo Port Authority

The Rawkus producer Marco Polo bring 2 an album full of guest apparences.

Track Listing
Port Authority Intro
Get Busy [Feat. Copywrite]
Marquee [Feat. O.C.]
War [Feat. Kardinal Offishall]
Nostalgia [Feat. Masta Ace]
Wrong One [Feat. Wordsworth]
Low Budget All Stars [Feat. Cy Young, Kaimbr, Kenn Starr, Kev Brown, Oddisee]
Speak Softly [Feat. Jojo Pellegrino]
Time & Place [Feat. Ed O.G.]
The Radar [Feat. Large Professor]
All My Love [Feat. Jaysun]
Lay It Down [Feat. Roc Marciano]
Go Around [Feat. Buckshot]
Hood Tales [Feat. D.V. Alias Christ and Kool G Rap]
Heat [Feat. Supastition]
Rollin [Feat. A.G., Juju and Sadat X]
For The Future [Feat. Critically Acclaimed]
Relax [Feat. J* Davey]

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Jay Electronica, Q-Tip, Slum Village , Jean Grae and More

Jay Electronica - Scratches & Demo Tape Volume I

or download single tracks

Jay Electronica - Annakin’s Prayer (Produced by Jay Electronica)
Jay Electronica - Hagler (Demo) (Produced by Denaun Porter)
Jay Electronica - Not Too Far From Nothing (Produced by Beat Autopsy)

Q-Tip ft. Al Kapone - Evolution Of A Man (From the film Cadillac Records)

Jean Grae - Mean Jean (B-Day Edition)

Skyzoo & Torae - Click (prod. DJ Premier)

U-God - Bring Back God Mixtape (Mixed by Twilite Tone)

Slum Village - 5 Ela (Demo Version) Mediafire

Lupe Fiasco - The Commercial

Slum Village - Drop The Drums

EPMD - Yo ft. Redman

EPMD - Left 4 Dead ft. Skyzoo

EPMD - Never Defeat Em ft. Method Man

Busta Rhymes ft. T-Pain - Blown

Essensual - Global Groovez EP (Soul/electronic music)

A remix mixtape of Common’s greatest hits Beatnick x K Salaam x Common - S.T.O.R.Y. (Stories Told Over Remixed Years)

Jay-Z Interview On The Angie Martinez Show

Sports Flava: Chicago Bull's Derrick Rose Breaks Andre Miller's Ankles

Busta Rhymes-Arab Money

Join our petition to bring old school Hip Hop back to Sirius XM

Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon, & Lil' Wayne - Arab Money (remix)

Busta Rhymes-Arab Money

Busta Rhymes feat Pitbull -Arab Money (remix)

Busta Rhymes feat Ron Browz -Arab Money (remix)

Tim Westwood - Busta Rhymes 'Arab Money' dance

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flashback Video: Salt N Pepa-Let's Talk About Sex

Hip Hop Flavas Supports Worlds AID Day, Let's talk and educate ourselves about sex y'all!

World AIDS Day 2008

( From

On this World AIDS Day, as 33 million people worldwide live with HIV, we pause to recognize the magnitude of the HIV/AIDS crisis in our own country and to call for action commensurate with this domestic crisis.

AIDS is the number one killer for black women between the ages of 25 and 34.

Black women are now almost 15 times as likely to be infected with HIV and 23 times more likely to be diagnosed with AIDS as white women.

The HIV rate in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, is 1 in 20—the same as the overall rate in sub-Saharan Africa.

A total of 56,300 people in the United States were newly infected with HIV in 2006, a number 40 percent higher than previously estimated.

Fifty-three percent of new HIV infections in 2006 occurred in gay and bisexual men of all races and ethnicities.

African Americans, who make up only 12 percent of the U.S. population, now make up more than 45 percent of new infections.

If African Americans in the United States constituted their own country, that country would rank 16 in the world among those with the highest number of individuals living with HIV.

The number of African Americans infected with HIV now exceeds the number of HIV-positive people in 7 of the 15 countries targeted by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR.

The United States has increased its PEPFAR commitment for international HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment by $48 billion over the next five years.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would need $4.8 billion over the next five years to reduce the annual number of new HIV infections in the United States.

Only 4 percent of the current share of HIV/AIDS domestic funding is devoted to prevention programs.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recent Flava: Consequence - Disperse (Feat. GLC & Really Doe)

I came across this video by Q-Tip's cousin Consequnce over the weekend. The track has been out since the summer, but "Disperse" is still a great track with a Hieroglyphics feel.

Kanye West who is the video (along with The Neptunes and Lupe Fiasco) is his working on the album with Q-Tip.

KRS-One & Dj Kid Capri On Fox News Speaking On Their New & Improved Hip Hop Network!

Charles Barkley Tells Lebron James To Shut The Hell Up!

Thanksgiving Day Blast: Old School 12" (Part IV)

The Real Roxanne - Bang Zoom! (1986)
A1-Bang Zoom!
B1-Howie's Teed Off

Ralph Rolle - Roxanne's A Man (1985)
A1-Roxanne's A Man (The Untold Story)
B1-Roxanne's A Man (Dub)

T La Rock - It's Yours (1984)
A1-It's Yours (Radio Mix)A2-It's Yours (Instrumental)B1-It's Yours (Scratch Party Death Mix)B2-It's Yours (Instrumental Party)

Ultimate 3 Mc's - What We Gonna Do (1985)
A1-What We Gonna Do
B1-What We Gonna Do (Intrumental)

Marley Marl & Mc Shan - Marley Marl Scratch (1985)
A1-Marley Marl ScratchB1-Marley Marl Scratch (Dub)

Fresh Gordon - Feelin' James (1987)
A1-Feelin' James (Long Version)A2-Feelin' James (Short Version)B1-I Believe In Music

Hollis Crew - It's The Beat (1985)
A1-It's The BeatB1-It's The Beat (Instrumental)

Newcleus - Jam On It (1984)
A1-Jam On ItB1-Jam On It (Instrumental)

Thanks Old School Revenge

Shawn Brown - The Rappin' Duke
01. Rappin' Duke [5:55]02. Rappin' Duke (Instrumental) [6:24]Playing Time : 12:19
Total Size : 19.2 MB

Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest
Tracklisting------------01 - Rain Forest (Remix) [5:36]02 - King Tut [4:31]03 - Panic [4:26]04 - Forest Fire [7:28]05 - Loitering With Intent [4:06]06 - A.M. [5:07]07 - Sound Chaser [5:45]08 - Rain Forest (Original Mix) [5:09]Playing Time : 42:08Total Size : 71.5 MB

Thanks Brotherhood of Boomboxery

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Classic Tracks: EPMD-Let It Flow

EPMD's first album "Strictly Business" is one most underated greatest debut Hip Hop album's of all time. I dare anyone to name 15 other debut hip hop albums, where you don't skip a track.

Let The Funk Flow - EPMD

?uestlove vs. Jay Dee: The “Little Brother” Beat Story

As told by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson on

......and i knew i was witnessing history when him and pete rock re created half of “mecca and the soul brother” in the basement the weekend “dynamite” was created.
but man…..

what i learned eavesdropping 8am the following day made me a believer. that shit made me the stan of ALL stans.

if you are on my computer and need to find dilla. go to genre, and if he had something to do with it? it will be known for its tag: DILLA is GOD.

Read the entire story @

R&B Flava: Keyshia Cole - Playa Cardz Right (Feat. Tupac)

Thanksgiving Day Blast: Old School 12" (Part III)

BDP - why is that [12"] (1989)A1. Why Is That? (Extended Edit) A2. Why Is That? (Single Edit) B1. Why Is That? (Instrumental) B2. Who Protects Us From You? Listen

Slick Rick - Teenage Love (1988)A - Teenage Love (4:54)B - Teenage Love (Dub) (4:40)Listen

Oran 'Juice' Jones - The Rain [12in] (1986)A - The RainB - Your Song Listen

X-Clan - fire and earth [12"] (1991)A. Fire & Earth (100 % Natural) B. Fire & Earth (90 % Juice 10 % Spring Water) Listen

Busta Rhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See [12in] (1997) A1 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Radio Edit) A2 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Instrumental) B1 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (LP Version-Clean) B2 Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Instrumental)Listen

Domino - Sweet Potatoe Pie [12in] (1994) A1 Sweet Potatoe Pie (LP Version) A2 Sweet Potatoe Pie (Radio Version) B1 Sweet Potatoe Pie (LP Instrumental) B2 Sweet Potatoe Pie (A Cappella)B3 That's Real (LP Version)Listen

X-Clan - Heed The Word Of The Brother / Raise The Flag [12"] (1989) A1 Heed The Word Of The Brother (Vocal) A2 Heed The Word Of The Brother (Instrumental) B1 Raise The Flag (Vocal)B2 Raise The Flag (Instrumental)Listen

X-Clan - Funkin' Lesson [12"] (1990) A. Funkin' Lesson (Album Version) B. Funkin' Lesson (Instrumental) Listen

Kool Moe Dee - Go See The Doctor / Monster Crack [12"] (1986)A1 Go See The Doctor (Uncensored Version) A2 Go See The Doctor (Almost Clean Version) B1 Monster Crack (Street Mix) B2 Monster Crack (Radio Mix) Listen

Spice 1 - Welcome to The Ghetto [12"] (1992)A1. Welcome To The Ghetto (Extended Remix) A2. Welcome To The Ghetto (Radio Edit) A3. Welcome To The Ghetto (Radio Edit Street) B1. Welcome To The Ghetto (Short Remix) B2. Welcome To The Ghetto (Instrumental) B3. 187 Pure Listen

Funky Four + 1 - Thats The Joint1. That's The Joint2. Rapping & Rocking The House3. Do You Want To Rock4. King Heroin5. Square Biz6. Feel It (The Mexican)7. Super Stars8. Do You Want To Rock (Instrumental)9. King Heroin (Instrumental)10. Square Biz (Instrumental)11. That's The JointDownload Here

Thanks Kido

Friday, November 28, 2008

Barack & Michelle Obama Interview WIth Barbara Walters! [Full 38 Min Interview]

R&B Flava: Jamie Foxx - Just Like Me (feat. T.I.)

Thanksgiving Day Blast: Old School 12" (Part II)

K-Solo - Spellbound / Real Solo Please Stand Up [12"] (1990)A1 Spellbound A2 Spellbound (Instrumental) B1 Real Solo Please Stand Up B2 Real Solo Please Stand Up (Instrumental) Listen

Ice Cube - Wicked / U Ain't Gonna Take My Life [12"] (1992)A1 Wicked (Radio)A2 Wicked (Instrumental)B1 U Ain't Gonna Take My Life (LP Version)B2 U Ain't Gonna Take My Life (Instrumental)B3 Wicked (LP Version)Listen

Eazy-E - Eazy-Duz-It / Ruthless Villain / Radio [12"] (1988)A1 Eazy-Duz-It A2 Ruthless Villain B1 Radio B2 Eazy-Duz-It (Radio Edit) Listen

Eazy-E - We Want Eazy (Remix) [12"] (1989)A1 We Want Eazy (Remix)A2 Eazy-er Said Than DunnB1 Still Talkin' (Remix)B2 Eazy Chapter 8 Verse 10 Listen

The D.O.C. - The D.O.C. & The Doctor [12"] (1989)A1 The D.O.C. & The Doctor (Noisy Mix) A2 Something Ta Bump In Ya Car B1 The D.O.C. & The Doctor (LP Version) B2 Portrait Of A Master Piece (LP Version) Listen

Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads [12"] (1988)A1 Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti High Blood Pressure Encounter Mix) A2 Night Of The Living Baseheads (Terminator X Meets D.ST & Chuck Chillout Instrumental) B1 Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic (Radio Version) B2 The Edge Of PanicListen

Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night [12"] (1984)A1 Freaks Come Out At Night B1 Grandmaster Dee's Haunted Scratch B2 Freaks Come Out At Night (Instrumental) Listen

Kurtis Blow - The Breaks [12"] (1980)A. The Breaks (Vocal) B. The Breaks (Instrumental) Listen

3rd Bass - Steppin' To The A.M. [12"] (1989)A. Steppin' To The A.M. B. Steppin' To The A.M. (Instrumental) Listen

Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals / Double Dutch [12"] (1982)A. Buffalo Gals (Vocal) B. Double Dutch (Vocal) Listen

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Understand [12"] (1988)A1. Parents Just Don't Understand (Extended Mix) A2. Parents Just Don't Understand (Single Edit) B1. Parents Just Don't Understand (Instrumental) B2. Live At Union Square, November 1986 Listen

Everlast - Forever Everlasting (1990)1. Syndicate Soldier2. Speak No Evil3. Syndication (Remix)4. What Is This5. The Rhythm [Featuring Donald D , Ice-T]6. I Got The Knack 7. On The Edge8. Fuck Everyone 9. Goodbye 10. Pass It On11. Never Missin' A BeatListen

Thanks Kido

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Uh oh! Allen Iveson vs. Practice Part Deux

Allen Iverson misses practice, won't start Friday

There was a noticeable absence at Pistons practice this morning in Auburn Hills: Allen Iverson. Iverson, who’s been a Piston for less than a month, has a history of bad behavior, including not showing up for practice.

After Wednesday night’s 110-96 victory over the Knicks, he was one of many players who grumbled when coach Michael Curry decided to hold practice on Thanksgiving morning.

Iverson was the only no-show today.

He will be fined an undisclosed amount and won’t start Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Palace.

Allen Iverson vs Practice-Original Flava

Thanksgiving Day Blast: Old School 12" (Part I)

Ollie & Jerry - Breakin' (There's No Stopping Us)(1984)
A1-Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us (Club Mix)B1-Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us (Instrumental)

Joeski Love - Pee Wee Dance (1986)
A1-Pee-Wee's Dance (Vocal Long Version)B1-Pee-Wee's Dance (Instrumental)

Bobby Jimmy & The Critters - Roaches (1986)
A1-RoachesB1-Roaches (Instrumental)Download

Bobby Jimmy & The Critters - Big Butt (1985)
A1-Big ButtB1-Big Butt (Instrumental)

B Fats - Woppit (1986)
A1-WoppitB1-Woppit (Dub Version)

Whodini - Friends Remixes (1984)
A1-Friends (Vocal)
A2-Friends (Instrumental)
B1-Friends (Mastermix)
B2-Friends (Ultimix)

The Fat Boys - The Fat Boys Are Back (1985)
A1-The Fat Boys Are BackB1-The Fat Boys Are Back (Instrumental)B2-The Fat Boys Are Back (Radio Version)Download

The Fat Boys - Can You Feel It (1984)
A1-Can You Feel ItB1-Can You Feel It (Instrumental)

World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey Dj (1984)
A1-Hey D.J. (Extended Version)B1-Hey D.J. (Instrumental)

Fresh 3 Mc's - Fresh (1983)
A1-FreshB1-Fresh (Instrumental) Download

Funky 4 - Do You Want To Rock (1982)
A1-Do You Want To Rock (Before I Let Go)
B1-Do You Want To Rock (Before I Let Go) (Instrumental)Download

Grandmaster Flash - New York New York (1983)
A1-New York New YorkB1-New York New York (Instrumental)

Grandmaster Flash - The Birthday Party (1980)
A1-The Birthday Party (Vocal)B1-The Birthday Party (Instrumental)Download
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Grandmaster Flash - Flash To The Beat (1982)
A1-Flash To The Beat (Part 1)B1-Flash To The Beat (Part 2)Download

Grandmaster Melle Mel - Internationally Known (1984)
A1-Beat StreetB1-Internationally Known (Vocal)B2-Internationally Known (Instrumental)

Thanks to Old School Revenge