Friday, December 24, 2010

Kurtis Blow Collection

Kurtis Blow - Kurtis Blow (1980)
01 Rappin' Blow (Part 2)02 The Breaks03 Way Out West04 Throughout Your Years05 Hard Times06 All I Want In The World (Is To Find That Girl)07 Taking Care Of BusinessDownload HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - Deuce (1981)
01 The Deuce02 It's Gettin' Hot03 Getaway04 Starlife05 Take It To The Bridge06 Do The Do07 Rockin'Download HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - The Best Rapper On The Scene (1983)
01 Party Time02 Big Time Hood03 Got To Dance04 One-Two-Five (Main Street, Harlem, USA)05 Tough06 Juice07 Boogie Blues08 Baby, You've Got To GoDownload HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - Party Time (1983)
01 Party Time02 Big Time Hood03 Nervous04 Got To Dance05 One-Two-Five (Main Street, Harlem, USA)Download HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - Ego Trip (1984)
01 8 Million Stories - Featuring - Run-DMC02 AJ Scratch03 Basketball04 Under Fire05 I Can't Take It No More06 Ego Trip07 Fallin' Back In Love AgainDownload HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - America (1985)
01 America02 America Dub Mix03 Super Sperm04 AJ Meets Davy DMX05 Hello Baby06 If I Ruled The World07 Respect To The King08 AJ Is Cool09 Summertime Groove10 MC Lullaby11 Don't Cha Feel Like Making LoveDownload HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - Kingdom Blow (1986)
01 Street Rock02 The Bronx03 Unity Party Jam04 Sunshine05 Magilla Gorilla06 I'm Chillin'07 Kingdom Blow08 Reasons For Wanting YouDownload HerePassword:

Kurtis Blow - Back By Popular Demand (1988)
01 Back By Popular Demand02 Only The Strong Survive03 I'm True To This04 Get On Up05 Suckers In The Place06 Love Don't Love Nobody07 Still On The Scene08 Express Yourself09 Blue Iguana10 I'm Feeling GoodDownload Here

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