Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lil Wayne with Robin Thicke, Allen Toussiant and Terence Blanchard @ 2009 Grammy Awards

OK, before anybody start cussing me out for putting up Lil Wayne video on the Keeper's blog, listen for a second.

I didn't expect much out of Lil Wayne's performance, but the I dig Robin Thicke's music so I rolled with their performance, which was OK.

BUT, its the following performance where Lil Wanye brought out New Orleans jazz legends New Orleans musicians Allen Toussiant and Terence Blanchard (who scored Spike Lee's music from "Malcolm X" to "Inside Man") is the reason why I posted this video.

One of my gripes with Nawlins rappers is that their music never showcase the rich Dixieland history that made New Orleans famous.

In one failed swoop, Lil Wayne turned the Grammy's into a thriving street in New Orleans with tubas, trumpets, umbrellas twirling and thriving, bluesy piano rhythms, thus showcasing Lil Wayne's musical present, while embracing is Zydeco/Cajun music past.

This post isn't about calling Lil Wayne "The Best Rapper Alive", this is post is about acknowledging his musical growth, which hopefully will translate into his future music.

Kevin Lockett

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