Tuesday, February 24, 2009

President Obama, State of The Union, Green Jobs and Hirejam.com

Tonight at 8pm, President Barack Obama will deliver his non-State of The Union address, (since President Obama hasn't been in office for a year, The White House is not calling this State of The Union address, but the "State of the Economy address").

During his address, President Obama will discuss among other things, his new stimulus package, which will lead talk about the new Green economy.

I'm a Green guy, so much so that I created a job platform called hirejam.com, along with a blog, Facebook page, Twitter and few other web 2.0 tools so that people can interact and network.

I created it because it depresses me to watch people lose their jobs, homes and even families because of the economy.

To paraphrase, President Obama " its not about me, but about you", so if I can help any of you out there to find a job in this new green economy, then my platform has served its purpose.


Kevin Lockett


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