Monday, June 29, 2009

Boatload of Michael Jackson Mixtapes

Michael Jackson - The Soulful Years from DJ Jaycee [download] [tracklist]

Ohsokool presents: Dear Michael Part One [download] [tracklist]

Michael Joseph Jackson - A Tribute from EJ Flavors [download]

J Period’s “Man Or The Music,” A Tribute To Michael Jackson [download]

Michael Jackson: Remixed [download]

DJ Slimm - R.I.P. Mike Jackson [download]

Cookin’ Soul Presents Michael Jackson (Tribute to the King of Pop) [download]

50 Cent - Where You Are (over Michael Jackson’s)

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Jenny Chu said...

There's only One Michael Jackson mix I would promote personally cause it's the only One that I found was dope enough to listen to over and over and over again. The Badder Than Bad Mixtape by DJ Emir that is a dope Michael Jackson mixtape. check it out at - Jenny Chu