Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SoulStice - Bird’s Eye View f. Kev Brown /Interview

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SoulStice - Bird’s Eye View f. Kev Brown

Kev Brown Interview

(Source: Vinyl Meltdown)

Judge Mental: So you’ve got the James Brown project. You’ve also got the Al Green project. Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Kev Brown: No doubt. the Al Green project is Kev Brown presents: Kaimbr, another member of the Low Budget crew. And his real name is Al Green… like he was born Alexander Green. And he has green eyes… pause. So, we was always talking about how we need to do an Al Green joint. I’ll sample a bunch of Al Green records, you rhyme on it, and we’ll come out with it. And we would always talk about it, but never do it. So I was real inspired last year. Me and Roddy went to Afrika. And we did some shows, and I came back all inspired. And I was like, we keep talking about doing this thing, let’s just do it. So I took a weekend, made like 9 joints sampling all Al Green records. And was like, here go the beats man, let’s do this. So it’s almost done. I got 2 more songs, Oddisee’s supposed to kick it a verse on a song, and there’s one more song I gotta mix. Probably gonna do some interludes. It’s gonna be like an EP probably, we got at least 9 tracks. And it’ll be coming out soon, not sure exactly when. We’re just working on getting all the actual music part of it done. It should be good.

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