Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big Daddy Kane: Nobody's Equal

Here's an excerpt of an interview Big Daddy Kane did with Hip Hop DX during his 20th anniversary in Hip Hop blitz:

DX: Now there was another silent competition between you and another remarkably skilled spitter back then. What was your reaction when you first heard “Word to daddy, indeed” on Eric B & Rakim’s “Follow The Leader”?
Big Daddy Kane: Oh, I thought he was talking about me. Growing up and like getting into Hip Hop, I always been a battle rapper. Throughout all my school days, that’s what I did, go up to other schools and battle rappers, go to other projects, park jams, whatever, and battle other rappers. So that’s always been my mentality. And even though I had done met dude, and we was cool – me and Eric B was real tight – when I heard that [line] I didn’t look at in a way of like, “Oh fuck that dude,” or like, “I’ma steal this muthafucka when I see him.” But you know, Ra [is] a little dude anyway. But it wasn’t nothing like that, it was just the type of thing where I’m like, “Oh okay, cool, well, now we gonna let the people see then.”

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