Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saul Williams on Marrying Persia White & His Favorite Hip Hop Moment

Over the weekend, I came across an old episode of Girlfriends featuring a skinnier Common (who was going through his Electric Circus/Erykah Badu phase) and poet Saul Williams.

The epsiode was interesting because that was the first time Williams met his future wife, Girlfriends cast member Persia White (Lynn).

In an August inverview on, Saul Williams talked about his courtship with Persia White:

"It actually took some time. The way we actually connected was we found out that we lived around the corner from each other and that we both had daughters who were close in age.

At the time we were both in relationships but we knew we had a lot in common – music and art and what have you. So we would hang out, drink tea, and let our daughters play.

Our daughters really started conspiring to get us together. But we were both in relationships, so neither of us were really thinking like that. And years passed and we remained friends and our daughters remained friends. And eventually we reconnected at a time when neither of us were in a relationship and saw each other in a completely new light. And that was not too long ago."

Another interesting passage of the interview was Saul Williams' favorite Hip Hop moment:

"There was this one time I was at Howard University’s homecoming in DC and Tribe Called Quest performed and Grand Nubian and De La and all these cats, but Tribe was headlining. And when “Check The Rhime” was on and everybody started jumping with the 808, I was up in the front.
I swear to this day I saw a tear come to Q-Tip’s eye as he was watching the crowd jump to his music. And it had never quite struck me, what it would feel like to have people feeling you in that way."

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