Friday, January 16, 2009

J Dilla in Vibe: Make Sure You Write A Will

In this month's issue of Vibe (with an old looking Kanye West on cover), they did a great piece on the late great J. Dilla.
This is great read f or anyone who is fan of J. Dilla or whom want to know more about one of the best producers in Hip Hop history.

In the piece you will learn:

1.) What a great producer he was.

2.) The fight he put up to finish his last album before he died from Lupus.

3.) The financial issues that is still hampering his family, three years since his death, (Dilla left two daughters to provide for, a sizable IRS bill, and unresolved legal issues surrounding the use of his beats.)

If there a few things everyone should take away from this article is that:

A) You should something that love all the way to up your last breath.

B.) Take care of your finances.

The one thing that is not talked about in Hip Hop is having a will.

It doesn't matter if you have 100 million dollars like Diddy or two hundred dollars like Hammer, by the time you are in your 30's (or before that if make some money in your 20's), you should have a will.

Why? Because it ties up a lot of financial loose ends that will hopefully keep your loved ones out of court (i.e. divsion of property, burial requests, etc.).

When you do decide to write a will, make sure you update it every 2-3 months.

When Heather Ledger (The Joker, Dark Knight) died last year, he did not revise his will after his daughter was born.

Although, there were some legal issues, it seems like his daughter will be financially taken care of by Ledger's parents, ( The mother of his child (Michelle Williams) was also missing out of the will, so her stake in Ledger's personal property is not as clear cut.)

The lesson here is don't be like Heath Ledger and J. Dilla. Take the time to talk to a lawyer, financial planner or go on internet and learn more about wills; because in the long run your family will thank you for it.

Kevin Lockett

J Dilla Vibe article

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