Monday, January 5, 2009

Oddisee - Foot in the Door (Mixtape)

1. Intro2. Quest To Find3. Big Bidness4. Industry Ills5. Such Is Life6. Musik Lounge7. Show You8. Keep On9. The Answer10. Beats N' Rhymes11. Four Seasons (feat. Oliver Daysoul)12. Brother13. Mics, Glamour, Action14. Nitefall15. Real Music16. I Am Not Him17. Nothing Sweet18. Just Want You To Know19. Part Of The World20. Posed 2 Be21. Butcher's Back22. Thinking Out Loud23. Head High24. Long Time Coming25. Price To Pay (feat. Asheru / Kenn Starr / Darien Brockington)26. Boogie (feat. J Live. Asheru)27. Propa (feat. Tranqill / Oliver Daysoul)28. Gentrification29. Gully (feat. XO / YU)30. Radio Talk (feat. Sin / Trek Life)31. Cars And Jewelry (feat. Oliver Daysoul)32. Let It Slide (feat. Unknown)33. In Check (feat. Kenn Starr / Supastition)34. Once Again (feat. Kev Brown / Freddie Foxxx)

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