Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kenn Starr - The Starr Report (Mixtape)

1.Kenn Starr - R U Ready [prod. by Oddisee]2.Kev Brown - Say Sumthin' feat. Kenn Starr & Quartermaine [prod. by Kev Brown]3.Kenn Starr - Who You Facin' feat. Sean Born [prod. by Kev Brown]4.Kenn Starr - Matter Of Time [prod. by Kenwood]5.Kenn Starr - A Starr Iz Born [prod. by Oddisee]6.Kwame - Hard To Be Me feat. Kenn Starr [prod. by Helium]7.Kenn Starr - Guilty Pleasures feat. Thesis [prod. by Symbolyc One]8.Kenn Starr - Neva Leave [prod. by Oddisee]9.Raks One - This Is It feat. Hassaan Mackey, Supastition & Kenn Starr [prod. by Illmind]10.Kenn Starr - Tony Tantrum Freestyle11.Kenn Starr - The Re-Introduction12.Kenn Starr - S.T.A.R.R.13.Kenn Starr - Worst Nightmare feat. Theology 3 [prod. by Oddisee]14.Kenn Starr - Super Lyrical feat. Kaimbr15.Supastition - Ain't Goin' Out Remix feat. Kenn Starr [prod. by Illmind]16.Kenn Starr - 720 feat. Sean Born & Oddisee [prod. by Oddisee]17.Kenn Starr - Maintain feat. Critically Acclaimed [prod. by Oddisee]18.Cesar Comanche - The Future feat. Kenn Starr & Big Pooh [prod. by DJ Resident]19.Muneshine - Move On feat. Raks One & Kenn Starr [prod. by Presto]20.Kenn Starr - Tag Team feat. Skyzoo [prod. by Kenwood]21.Foreign Exchange - The Answer feat. Oddisee & Kenn Starr [prod. by Nicolay]22.Kenn Starr - Look feat. Sean Born [prod. by Kev Brown]23.Kenn Starr - Flow Brown feat. Sean Born [prod. by Kev Brown]24.Eternia - Struggle feat. Wordsworth & Kenn Starr [prod. by Tone Mason]25.Forge & Amen - Cold Game feat. Kenn Starr [prod. by DJ Forge]26.Kenn Starr - The Same [prod. by Khrysis]27.Kev Brown - Hennessy Pt. 1 feat. Kenn Starr [prod. by Kev Brown]

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